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We get pregnancy and motherhood!

Adding simplicity and comfort to your pregnancy and beyond…

When you hear “pregnancy pillow” you probably envision a full-size, bulky pillow.  Our Bellifly Pillow is unique, in that it is compact, but still offers simultaneous belly and hip support. It can be used in a number of different sleep positions as well as a back rest and for baby feeding support.

You get 3 pillows in 1!

Breastfeeding Support

"Super versatile. Best sleep ever!"

“I absolutely love my Bellifly Pillow!  Not only is it great for keeping my achy post-partum body comfortable while sleeping, but it makes the BEST nursing pillow.  I’m able to nurse my new baby so easily anywhere we go – I love that it’s small enough to travel with! I have tried so many pregnancy and nursing pillows and this is by far the best.  I wish it had been around when I had my first son too!” 

~ Bayleigh

"You can use it SO many different ways. I love sleeping with one side of the pillow under my bump and the other behind my back. Back pain and belly strain have been keeping me awake lately but with this pillow, my sleep problems are gone! It’s not as big as the larger pillows on the market and you can customize your use to fit whatever you’re having the most issues with. WIN. WIN!”

~ Morgan