Happy Holidays!

Hello and Happy Holidays to all our favorite mamas! 🎄❤

To all of you who have cheered us on and supported us throughout this journey, thank you SO very much.

We feel so blessed to be finishing out 2019 on such a happy note, with gratefulness in our hearts and so much excitement as we look forward to 2020.

This endeavor has always been so much more to me than selling pillows. It's been the friendships formed, the stories shared, and sharing in this motherhood journey with likeminded moms, knowing that we are never alone. It's an added bonus that we can provide some much deserved comfort to mamas who deserve nothing but the best while they prepare to welcome their new little bundle of joy. ❤

As we look forward to 2020, we hope you'll continue to follow along, especially as we prepare to unveil our newest product (hopefully in the Spring), that we are incredibly pumped about. The idea for it was born from my own breastfeeding experience with our sweet firstborn baby, who was NOT a fan of sleeping anywhere, except right next to me (and who is now already almost NINE!) Time sure flies.

I had a concept in mind and after running it by Uyo, together, we came up with what we feel is THE perfect solution to the nighttime feeding conundrum. We've been working hard for two years on perfecting it and we cannot WAIT to share it with you all!

Again, thank you so much for being a special part of our #momtribe and for believing in our dream.

Jessica ❤