Calling all our crafty mamas! Try this DIY wreath with your kids!

Hey mamas!  Can you believe that the holiday season is upon us already?? Raise your hand if you feel like nesting mode goes into overdrive during the holiday season!  So many projects, so little time! For those of us not currently pregnant, we’re most likely looking for a fun and easy holiday project to do with our little elves.


This wreath project is a super fun one to do with kids! Depending on their ages, they can help with things like foraging for materials, cutting the ribbon, and painting.


List of supplies:

  • Branches or pre-made wreath frame
  • Floral wire (thin wire, comes on a spool)
  • Wire cutters
  • Snips or scissors (to cut branches)
  • Ribbon
  • Fresh foliage (cedar, snowberries, Christmas tree trimmings, etc)


There are a few options for the wreath frame. If you have access to trees that have long branches with new growth (aka bendy branches), you can make your own frame by cutting 4-6 branches about 2-3' long (depending on the size of wreath you're going for).  Willow branches work great for this. Another option is to use a pre-made grapevine wreath (Dollar Tree usually has decent ones) or even a gold metal hoop (found at most craft stores).


Now comes the fun part!


If you're making your own frame, gather your branches in one hand and with the other hand, start twisting them together (braiding also works).


Once branches have been twisted together, use a length of floral wire to connect the ends.

At this point, you can either paint the wreath (spray paint is easiest) or leave it natural I'd you'd prefer.


Once the paint is dry, gather the stems of foliage and attach them to the top of your wreath frame with another short length of floral wire.  If needed, you can also tack the foliage in places along the wreath frame with a short length of wire.



The last step will be to take your ribbon, tie the middle into a knot, insert 2-3" floral wire into the back of the knot and then bend the wire in half. The ribbon is now ready to attach to wreath...simply twist around or through the frame, twist in the back, and then while holding the frame in one hand, twist the ribbon until it looks the way you like it.  You can also skip the wire and tie the ribbon right onto the frame.

These are super quick and easy and they also make great hostess gifts!  It would also be a fun baby shower crafts to do for those winter babies!


We’d love to see what you all come up with!  If you make one, post to Instagram under #CTMcrafts and tag us as well ( so we can all be inspired by each other! Happy crafting!