How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School

For a parent, their child’s first day of school is not a big deal. However, for the child, it is a huge step and they need your help to get through it. without your support kids will stress out and be scared to go to school. Here are some things you can do in order to make their first day at school much easier and happier.

Visit the School. Visiting the school just to look around can be a lot of help for your kid. Your child will be more comfortable going on the first day because he will be familiar with the place. Ask someone to show you around the school, visit things like classrooms, cafeteria, and bathrooms. That way when he comes there for the first day of school he will know exactly where are certain things located.

Meet the teacher. Very crucial part of preparing your kid for the first day in school is to go and meet the teacher. Your kid will be more comfortable if he meets him in advance. This is also helping him to have a familiar face on the first day of school, otherwise, he could feel lost and scared.

Buy the School Supplies Together.  Include your kid into the shopping part for the school. This way your child can show you what does items he likes, let him pick out his supplies. You should be there just as a guide to tell him what he needs, his job is to decide what he likes. It is a very pleasant feeling for the parent when you go to purchase the very first backpack for your kid. That memory will stay with you forever because at moments like that you are realizing how fast your kid is growing up.

Help them Organize. Guide them through the whole organizing process. Start from packing the backpack with the supplies that you bought together. Tell your kid what will he need for that day at school. Show him what kind of outfit should he wear to the school, unless there is a uniform that is required. Prepare their lunch with them before they go to their first day at school. If you do all this, your kid will eventually learn how to do these things on their own and you will be very proud seeing him preparing for school every day.

Reassure them. Before the first day sit down with your kid and have a conversation about the school. Ask him how he feels about the first day, if you see that your child is scared, you need to reassure them it is nothing to be afraid of and that they will make a lot of new friends in the school.

Let them go. As their mother, you should give your kids a lot of hugs and kisses the first day of school. However, if you have done beforehand everything right, they should be prepared and excited to go to school. One more important thing is to tell them that you are waiting for them after the school and don’t be late!