Important Things to Talk About with Your Daughter

Talking to your daughter and having a good connection with her is a very important part for any mother. It can be important for the daughter too, she needs someone who she can talk to about some sensitive and private issues. These conversations should not be a formal one, to have her sit down every Monday to talk with you.

The conversations should start naturally if she is having some problem in her life or she just wants someone to share her experience with, her mother should be that person. If you haven’t reached that level of trust with your daughter, we strongly recommend you start building it. This kind of a connection and bond will help you both to understand better some things about each other.

Start Talking to Your Daughter Early

This is the best advice we can give to any mother that wants to have a very close connection with her daughter. Start talking to her about personal stuff when she is very young, that can significantly improve your relationship later on in life. Some mothers have the problem of making a close relationship with her daughters because they started it too late. Later on, in life, it will be very difficult for you to gain her trust because you haven’t been there for her the entire time. There are several things you can talk about with your daughter that will bring you two closer together. Here are some examples of what you two should talk about.

Puberty. This topic has most likely already gone through your mind because it is the type of conversation that every girl is having with her mother. Even you had it as a child, so don’t forget this it can be very important for her.

Sex. Some people think that you should not talk about this with your daughter until she reaches a certain age. Of course, you wouldn’t be talking about sex if she is 3, but at some reasonable age, you should mention this topic in one of your private conversations. There are some things that are best if she first finds out from you, then from personal experience.

Beauty. Believe it or not, but a lot of mothers overlook this topic and never talk about it with their daughters. The reason might be because nowadays you can find out anything about beauty through the internet. However, so much more things she can learn from you and not from the internet about beauty and more importantly the importance of inner beauty.

Alcohol and Drugs. Just because she is a girl that doesn’t mean that this topic is not meant for her. This is a very serious topic that you should talk about more than just one time same goes for sex. That is because you will have a more mature talk as she gets older and you can tell her more about it. you should tell her that drugs and alcohol are not a good way to escape their problems. It will just create even more problems later on.