About Us

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We got asked a lot of times by various people interesting questions about us, our ideas and goals. Because we get these questions asked very frequently, we thought that we better write an article that will contain all the detailed information about us and what we do.

Therefore, we should start off with explaining how we got the idea and why did we start this educational guide for all mothers. The idea came from the general public, what we have seen on the streets how mothers treat their children. It just popped into our heads that we should try and make a guide for mothers that will have an educational purpose. We wanted to teach mothers that were inexperienced and didn’t know how to handle certain situations. There is nothing you should be ashamed of if you don’t know the perfect ways to treat your kids immediately and because to know that, you need a lot of personal experience or a friend that will share their experience with you. That’s why we have created this website that will serve you as a guide or a friend that will share its experience with you.

Reliable Source of Information

All the information that we have gathered and shared here on the website with you, is taken from women’s that have a lot of experience as a mother. There is no one better to give you advice on how to raise your children and how to connect with them, then a well-experienced mother. Of course, these guides and information are not from the opinion of one or two mothers, but from a lot of them. We have just narrowed down and took only the best advice that they gave us.

If you are a mother or soon to becoming one, and you are afraid that you don’t have the needed knowledge and experience to raise your child, then we highly suggest that you read through each and every one of our articles. These articles have some of the best guides and tips on how you should raise and care for your children. Even if you have some experience, reading this will only improve your mother skills.